Things you can pretend to do with a huge ass paper puncher.

Backdated post...

I was bored. Please bear with my imagination.

The subject: a normal industrial office puncher.

Puncher: puncher

Pretend to play broadway or tap dance :D ....
Puncher: Broadway

Ride on it like a scooter/bike .....
Puncher: ride

Joystick! (As if can play games on that site :P)
Puncher: joystick

measure the size of feet...
puncher: foot

Puncher: Golf ball

WAH...what a whopper!
Puncher: ring

and of course...

PUNCH paper lah!
Puncher: punch paper lah!

See what means I resort to when work is all done and your supervisor isn't around to give you anymore work. :P


eyeris said...

wahlau. your boss not giving you enough work leh... :)

KY said...

you must be really bored.

Chewxy said...

wei.. got other more "imaginative" use for that thing... by more Imaginative I mean... ahem.. oh well :D

MuscaD said...

Oooi...damn free ah?

Why not use the handle as a bulb-headed dildo??!! muahahaha....WOOHHOOO!!


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