April makes 18 flavours of ice cream!

I love ice cream.

Who doesn't?

I also admit to being of a rather massive gargantuan of vain pot.

Put them together you get well a narcissist with nothing but food and appearances on her mind.

While working on my earring catalogue, fiddling with a soon to be vanilla scoop earring and chugging on my 1/2 gallon of Baskin Robbins tub, I noticed that my ice creams had very very boring shades. Bleh. Where to get inspiration now.

triple scoop

So dull & boring...

In my fortunately day dreaming mode I carelessly dropped a ball of white clay into my tub of ice cream. Aghhh...In white and out Neapolitan? Hmmm....

So I fiddled for an hour trying to get as many flavours as I could with the colours I had and the final 18 colours as shown below.


Click for a larger image :D

Great! Now people who order ice cream scooped earrings will get more choice :D


Iced Nyior said...

i went through the other pictures of earrings in ur flickr and was wondering whether u sell the earrings u made coz they look really nice

april yim said...

Yes I do, drop me a message on my gmail and i can arrange for the catalogue to be sent to u

Evelyn Mak said...

omg! o.0

how do u actually do that?! the earrings! very very creative! =D

other than earrings, what else do u do? keychains perhaps?

~ai~ said...

hahahaha more icecream flavours!!!!! ALWAYS GOOOOOOOOD! *goes high* *bounce* I like the blues <3

I think you shld work on some handphone accesories ^.~ lol~ and branch out into hair clips or something XD

KY said...

i want sorbet, not ice cream, please.

juliana said...

Your earrings are cute and nice! Can I order too?