The greatest physical comfort is digestible

During hard times when the physical support of family and friends are so distant, there is no greater way to seek comfort than to turn to food, especially those laden with artificial colouring, sugar, fats bisulfate oxides, carabene, monosodium glutamate, gelatinized triglycerin phosphate and SINS.

Hooray for sugar, 'cause we love it
Chocolate chips; we want more of it
Cakes and ice cream; watch us shove it
Down our throats real fast.

I spent time clearing up my room to dig out my emergency stash of sweets. To my horror, my barrel of chupa-chups is missing! A months supply of kinder bueno dwindled down to a measely 5 day supply and my preserved prunes all gone! *bawls*

Lucky for me there were still my emergency crisis stashes tucked neatly away in different parts and rooms of the house.

Japanese Sweets 2

Japanese Sweets Stash 1....

Japanese sweets

Japanese Sweets Stash 2.


The chocolate stash


My last Wonka bar


Jelly Filled marshmallows

And since, it so lucky for me the unfortunate event seemed to fall on the eve of the 31st. 31% off all the handpacked ice creams! I bought half a gallon of ice cream to choke my self pity from surfacing. Cotton candy, Boysenberry cheesecake, Mint Chocolate Chip and Mad About Chocolate Oughtta do it.


Or so I thought.

Never mind, off to Alexis to buy cake.


That oughtta do it. I'm going to make my body rot.
Down with the misery.... Up with the sweets :D


Jason said...

That Wonka bar just looks exactly like from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. I thought it was for the movie only, never know it existed.

april yim said...

heh i believe that was the wonka fudgemallow delight mine was the whipple scrumptious caramel delight