Post examination medication: Retail therapy

I'm officially unemployed! However, I'm stricken with confusion for the last few days on whether I should be joyful or miserable. Day 4 and I'm already being chased out of the house to go do something useful with my life.

Asides the fact I've decided to update my earring collection with 13 new pairs. Of course the 3 for RM10 pair! I can't afford to pay too much. Cept for one which I paid RM15 for at CTRock.

Post examination Earrings

Was also in Subang Parade the last few days to end up in dismay that Blook raised their once affordable prices. *sulk* However, lucky for me Hardy Amies was having an amazing sale :D
70% off and I only paid RM32.90 for two tops good enough for work :D HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!

hardy amies cute top

hardy amies: jap top

Not to mention I topped up my food barrettes also :D These are real cookies, pasta, sweets, antibiotics and gummy bears in plastic coatings :D

Food barrettes

Wahhh happy am I :D


Yuen Li said...

Dunno whether it's my eyes aging, but I'm finding it hard to read the text against that background... :p

And more gamma in the darker pics please! :)

Sharizal said...

i like the 2nd top ;)

Mei said...

Those earrings look so familiar! ^_^ Nearly bought some of the ones you got there.

Where did you get those? Mine usually come from 1-U. Must put up pictures soon!

april yim said...

yuen li: It's not your eyes it's the bg. Will do some change to it soon :D. Heh, for now ppl will have to accomodate my lousy photography skills and my 10 year digital camera

Sharizal: hehe Thank you :D

Mei: 3 of them were from tribal spirit (subang parade/1u) thats why they look familiar. Most earrings originate from the same supplier actually :D but it's still cheap at RM10 for 3. Try Sunway Pyramid

Anonymous said...

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