Therapy for the broken hearted: Other people pampering you.

Hearing what happened while they were a way in China, Dad, Mom and the Eldest Aunt of the family felt quite sorry for not being able to be there to comfort me. Alongside making sure I would complete all my papers with a sane frame of mind, they wanted to come back seeing a happy NOT sappy 21-year old.

They came back with OODLES of gifts.


I didn't expect bags, but I got beaded purses and a leather sequinned bag. Oooo. *Throws other bags one side and makes the brown bag her official carry bag.* I love this bag, its got two compartments and it's big and durable enough for everything from my makeup kit to my spare muesli bar.

China Goodies

Since I'm pretty much keeping my hair log now, Mom picked out so many hair chopsticks and barrettes, scrunchies and croc clips for me! A lil jade bracelet and 2 funky beaded belts :D


I have a current fascination with hats now actually. Especially berets... Mom came back with about 11 of them from studded ones to knitted ones and from cloth to wool. Heh, I hope I wouldn't look too wanna be Chinese vain pots with them on. And yet I already think I may look a bit too vain having the new tartan scarf dad got me over there.

April In tartan scarf

*Looks at photo with tartan scarf....and shudders* Anyway, mom was crazy enough to get me an eyeshadow palette with 48 different colours. NUTCASE. But it makes me all the more happier anyway heee :D

48 colour eyeshadow

I love this emboidered jacket :D. I just have to plan a time WHEN to wear it hehe.

China wear

I think the craziest gift of them all would have to be the old china Bras. The ones that only have a halter and two strings tied to the back as support. Concubine bras mommy calls them. Dad on the other hand thinks of them as "overt abominations"

Concubine bras

Whee :D I'm kinda happy already :D


~ai~ said...

wooooah~~~ WOOOOOW.... I like those chopstickiesss and the clip *-* and and and the cute scarf [not like i'll ever b able 2 wear THAT in msia -.-] and those concubine bras.... sexyyyyy~~~ i like. ^__^ your parents really know how to shop!

NickTay said...

concubine bras! hahaha :)

cyber-red said...

that's damn a lot of stuff

ahlian said...

i want the old china bras but in red~~~~hahahahah

minishorts said...

yeah man.
the hats.
the hats.