Some Girls are Going to Be So Jealous 2

Aih basically I have got new earrings. You may not even be jealous :P

After recieving feedback from the aunties that came round for dad's networking party, I have decided to come up with a couple of designs that would appeal to those who would prefer a more matured and formal look.

I'm quite the fan of Chinese Lantern Earrings and I'm surprised to come up with these new original designs despite having to battle a case of hormonal imbalance.

I wanted to add that bit of flair and a lil more class to the earrings so I threw in my old studs and gem bits from my nail art box.

The first few I made were roundish like...duh, lanterns.

Puple lantern earrings

Purple lantern earrings

And then I got a lil adventurous and decided to try tear drop shapes and lava lamp centers.

Teardrop star motif, Blue lamp earring

Left: Tear drop earrings in Night Sky Blue dusted with Milky way shine and stars. And on the right....Flower motif blue lamp earrings

and later moved on to flat shapes when I got slighltly lazier. :P

flat pink

purple flat

So what do you all think? Feedback would be most appreciated ;)


S-Kay said...

The blue and the last purple one looks really good. How much you seeling it for? I thikn they're so pretty!

She's Jess said...

Gosh.. they look great.

Used to work part time for a shop doing all this beads stuffs but the shop has shifted to other place. Stop working then.

Are you selling them?

scorkes said...
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scorkes said...

those lantern earring are fantabulous! let me know if you are selling.

april yim said...

All: Thanks for the compliments ^-^ makes a girl really happy V^-^V Yay!

Yeap these earrings are for sale. Will have to keep them at a standard price of RM8.

If you're interested, mail me at my gmail :D located at the sidebar

Anonymous said...

I think they are all very pretty, very unique. I especially like the flat ones. So cute!