And which relationship is without expectation?

V-day is gone and it must have one bloody shitty day for some of the people I know. Some of us prolly got what we wanted and there are those who just didn't. If you prolly felt like crap, my dear friends during V-day gimme a ring and I'll go arrange a time and have chocolate cake with you ^^

Hearing all the stories with those i had chocolate cake with resurfaced a memory about me and my ex... when he didn't show up on a day just like any other, with the exception that I was feeling ill with my parents not around and with a papers to sit for in 3 days.

and I quote my exact words...
"I'm dissapointed in you, you're not even doing things as a friend. A friend would have at least come to pay me a visit cause I'm sick or offer to take me to a doctor."

and he said...
"I can't be friends with someone who expects something off me."

and yesterday I hear so many familliar scenes again. The phone converstaion with my ex that ended it all replays in my head.

Yet again, truly I ask you now, aside from the whole BGR thing, which association with another person you have doesn't give you every right to expect something out of it? Of course don't be so LEBIH (too much) lah expect too much. If you're dissapointed, God gave you a brain and mouth for goodness sakes, use it.

Employer employee relationship, those between friends, family members....for goodness sakes, my dogs and I also have this expectation understanding.

Even in my best of relationships, no matter how, there is a point where you start drawing the line, ticking the emotional abacus and see how much debit or credit you have accumulated. I aksk my friends and they agree with me. It's on an unwritten contract per se. Sure, I DON'T OWE IT TO YOU, and NEITHER DO YOU OWE IT TO ME, but can't you be a bit more sincere ah?

No one likes to lose out.


Yuen Li said...

Why no update wan? Hehehe. ;)