Delicious Looking meals minus the calories!

Unfortunately this is not some post with regards to weight loss. Of course unless you so willingly eat these food on display that you'll naturally lose weight while trying to painfully recover.

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Bologna Sandwich

See this Bologna sandwich...mmm... On wholemeal bread, is a think sloppy slice of bologna smacked in between a slice of cheese, fresh tomatoes and lettuce creamed down with mustard and mayonnaise.

Bologna upclose

Bologna Upclose

I love how the cheese looks like it's partially melted over the rest of the stuffing and how the mayo and mustard appears oozing out of the package ^^


Steak with a sunny side up and a side of fries

When I made this I thought to myself. Now who would bloody wear T-bone steak as earrings? Unless of course, you're in the meat business and darned proud of it, of if you wanted to use my earrings to place it in Barbie's cooking stove. It's done looking all the way I sometimes like it...raw :P Mom personally thinks that the pieces of steaks must have come from one fat cow.

Ah yes, there are other pieces of food which include some beef too.


There's the supreme beef pepperoni pizza with any thingamajigs that you usually put as toppings.....

Burger and fries

and the burgers with a side of fries XD

But don't forget to include fibre in your daily diet and the vitamins from delicious fresh veggies! Mmmm...avacados, chilli's, tomatoes, carrots, capsicums, peppers, cauliflower, and aubergines.

eat your veggies!


And then perhaps if you're good I'll treat you to pixie cakes for tea, with my sister's miniature teas set



or if you know how to butter me up... I'll give you my specially super chocolate and mocha layered cake that's topped with marbled chocolate ^^

Death by Chocolate

I personally dub this cake... DEATH BY CHOCOLATE.

Like I promised, absolutely zero calories food.


Jason said...

Man, your earrings are starting to get way out of league. -sweat-

dailymuscle said...

aiyah.. u got me excited for a moment. Don't wanna start eating plastic, sorry. ;)

wen teng said...

hey there!..i so adore the earrinS you make...how much are you selling them for ?...do you have a shop or something?...they are so freakin cute and pretty!

Anonymous said...

makes me feel like getting my masak masak stuff/ toys out :D