You'll never look at meatballs the same way again

Remember that as you were brought up you were taught not to play with your food? This is the post of an opposite nature.

Twas a boring night and me and a mutual friend were off to Ikea to eat some tasty meatballs. Getting odd ideas of smiling potatoes from cheryl's blog, we decided to try some of our own food display skills.

And so the great works began...

April carves potatoes

Carving that potato with Foreign help.

I was feeling utterly malicious and violent that night and I couldn't help but express myself through work of art ^^ Hey hey there goes a potato head has just tumbled down on a few boulders and has died of shock bleeding from his mouth ;p. I almost forgot that there was impaling help from another foreign country too :P

Potato Vomits Blood

X_X potato...

Of course we didn't want to spoil the mood of the dinner since it was a beautiful night and thus, we countered a sad potato with a happy one :P

A very happy potato

What a happy Potato!

A little much later after 10 meatballs or so I started feeling additionally creative and thus experimented with the meatballs! With my knife and fork, surgical precision was utilised to make these wonderful meatball shapes!

we love meatballs

Spreading the Love of meatballs in words and shapes from cranberry sauce!

meatball rocks

CHECK IT OUT! meat BALLS! Hmm...I wonder which shape loves what...

meatball pornography

Meatball Pornography.

Whattta fun day. How will you eat your balls next time? :P


Anonymous said...

Dammit, you people are as nuts as my former floormates - constantly playing with food!

- Jha

eyeris said...


what, no sausages?

Buaya69 said...

the meatballs should be longer and thicker, muahahahar!

april yim said...

Jha: Playing with food is like reliving my childhood in a more twisted manner :P

Eyeris: Nyehhhh, ikea sausages come between buns

buaya69: hahaha thanks for the anatomy lesson. what to do the meatballs TOO ROUND!

Jason said...

How could you play with your food, Ap?