Lydia's Birthday at Fondue House

And It's because so many people tend to be lactose intolerant in Asia, is that we have so few of these outlets. But I would gladly support ANYONE who wants to open any cheese related shops in KL.


Ah anyways, It's been so long since I've wanted to try cheese fondue (after seeing it countless of times on Zen's msn nickname). So Lydia's birthday was the perfect opportunity. Find it opposite Soda bar which is next to the desa sri hartamas food court. Also visibly seen from warung uncle don.

I do advise however to park slightly further away and not mind walking there cause parking around that area is a slaughtering RM5.

Smiling Lydia

See Lydia glow on her birthday... she found it funny when I said I wanted to take a random shot.

cheese fondue menu

Choose your poison.

Fondue comes in a variety of sets if I'm not mistaken they come in a selection of beef, chicken, seafood, and a jumbo platter ranging from RM29.90 onwards. With a selection of 6 kinds of cheese you'll be left coming over and over again just to taste the different flavours. Feeling a little peckish for meat and salty cheese, we took the beef set with garlic cheese and two of the special fizzy juices they had with a side of wedges. What's cheese without a side of potatoes I'd always say.


The fizzy drinks are a must try! Their exactly the same as the Sprite-Ribena drinks served at C-Jade Express. Exactly what an OrangeMc Fizz lover would want to down.
The cheese altho supposedly garlic cheese, had only a very mild garlic flavour to it but thankfully it was salty to the taste. :D I think they kinda totally spoiled the beef cubes cause they were mildly sweet,...tasted like they were marinated in teriyaki sauce >-< (Must try chicken next time)

The servings are also RATHER BLOODY SMALL. without the wedges, Me and Lydia would have actually downed more at the dessert stalls in Ming Tien. Oh well but then the cheese would compensate fine for small eaters.

If anyone can let me know if they give refills for the pot of cheese please do XD

Ah but yes food is still food. And as they say in Jack Sprout, "we licked the platter clean"


Or umm sorta Licked it clean...

Thus, Lydia and moi conclude...Definitely worth a comeback (just don't come back too often cause cheese can get very sickening to the buds if eaten too much at a go) cause we also haven't tried their CHOCOLATE FONDUE