I have officially lost it: a baking adventure.

There it was dripping and moist with self made icing... I had to use my tool to get it wide open... and I had to push quite deep to get the hole to open up bigger. Slowly,...gently...but surely it opened up

and now, I am going to show you my three holes.

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My 3 holes in donut.. gotta love that icing

Wahey my glazed donuts! After 3 days of experimenting with colour, texture and techniques I have perfected the 'baked dough' effect for my collection of little yummy looking trinkets! I've got the below as a handphone strap on my E398 XD

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Hot cross custard bun, croissant and braided bread :D

I've also perfected the art of sauce and icing dripping! Oh wow wow wow! I really really can't help but be a little proud of how a hobby of less than 5 months has evolved so well ^^

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From left Maple Syrup + Chocolate + Butter round toast with whipped cream and cherry; Brown chocolate brownie with chocolate fudge sauce, served with a healthy dose of vanilla ice cream; Buttered down pancakes.

And here is something for all you people who have been asking me to make drinks, you're going to have to wait a while before i can make martinis, but at least here is something to quench your thirst...Orange juice !

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If you look close enough you can see the ice and slices of orange floating through the 'glass'

I could'nt resist myself, I had to make a matching orange whipped cream filled crepe to go with the set! And look from the top! Can see the ice are a floating :P

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Ooohhh orange set, making me hungwee..

Wahey! i'm so excited I'm going to make more more MORE!


pelf said...

You are simply marvelous! :)