Why I probably need earring tower 5

i) My other towers are terribly crammed with earrings (esp tower 1)
ii) It's not helping to that earrings are getting down to the price of 4 for RM10
iii) Or 5 for RM10...
iv) Or RM1 for one pair >-< (it's a ridiculous degradation of the earring market imho)
v) When I've been in a making frenzy but haven't quite actively promoting to sell any

I Wonder why of all things i've ended up collecting earrings. Maybe you can help.

1. Perhaps I am...
A) horribly dedicated to vanity
B) A big cheapskate, I succumb to the market of cheap earrings
C) I just like metal rods that go though little holes

2. And yet I make my own.., could it be that
A) I want to own other pairs that no one can
B) I'm a cheapskate, making my own means not paying others
C) I like obscene things dangling from my ears... (e.g, vagina earrings as below.)

Yes I could make these if you're interested.

3. What do you think of me hearing that I'm contemplating to buy earring tower 5?
A) You're a nut with nothing else better to do
B) You're a cheapskate who would import one from Thailand cause it's rm40 cheaper there
C) You just love going through holes don't cha?

4. What would I have probably done if I don't enjoy collecting earrings
A) Collecting erasers
B) Playing PS2 games cause they're an economical form of entertainment
C) Going through holes


tigerjoe said...

Perhaps you ought to consider having a table at a flea market somewhere. Then you'll have more space for new pieces. :P

Anonymous said...


Please. I'll get my brother to pay for me and send them to me in Canada (won't be back until Chrismas).

I beg you.

- Jha

Aidid Razak said...

hello, ter-jumpa your blog by accident. What this I'm reading...RM1 for a pair or ear-rings?! That's it man, I'm on the first plane back to KL! :)

I swear ear-rings are just too expensive in Aussieland. Blardi mat salleh making gargantuan profits.

Glad to see you're happily almost married and enjoying life.

ps: I hope you remember me if not I'll be malu for a while.