Sex enhancers

2 days in my new company and on the 1st day itself it has introduced me to selling supplements for sexual health. Now let me ask you...

One of the is one of the extracts from a plant called horny goat ..my question is ehhh how horny can a goat get?

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Your hum sup "Old Goat", Sexy underwear and fuzzy facial mole included.

Tsk tsk, I'm pretty glad to see that Malaysians are getting more adapted to the fact of not being ashamed about their weakness in sexual intercourse. Of course thanks very much to the very widely marketed Tongkat Ali as well. There is nothing friggin wrong if you can't get it up and running, it's just like a case of bad breath imho. XD

Whatever it is how many people get to focus on sexual ideas on their first project at work? This whole work thing is looking extremely interesting and prospective to me ^^

So if you want, dun shy shy to ask me yah?


Jason said...

LOL. Giving one as sample then, make sure got no side effects hor! :bpbpbpp

Rain said...

I heard and read many articles about horny goat that it can make our low libido high. Do you know that I really want to try it, but how? I don't know the process at all. How would I start. Anybody can teach me?