Work shouldn't be all that bad right?

"Can I get some positive feedback about work? Cause all I'm hearing that it's a misery to go through".

"So you want us to lie?"

"Err no I just wish there would be at least one person who'd tell me working life is not all that bad"

Just a few more hours before I begin real work. Every one is asking how excited I am. Can I not be excited?

Both yes and no, partly cause I have to deliver a slice chunk of the salary back home and put them to "responsible" use. No not really looking forward to that. It's crazy what I'm going to have to pay for. I have my insecurities, that I would never be able to make that future what everyone has seen for me.

I really wonder if I am who I can be. It's friggin scary being thrown into the deep end like that. But then living by a credo such as "DO OR DIE" ... Whatever I do, even if I don't like it, I'll still end up trying to do it to the point of the cream. I just...

I don't want to start whining like a baby at work like everyone does

I don't want to complain too much
Some one tell me, it's not going to be THAT BAD.


minishorts said...

it's going to be fun. knowing you, you'll make the best out of it and survive to tell the tale with a lot of zest.