It's when you thought you had everything, and that you could never ask for more from your life; the walls start to crumble.

I woke up everyday feeling that without a doubt, there was someone for me there. Someone who i could come home to and my day would be instantly better. I was so proud of him.

Today after 6 hours, he's no longer here with me.

I have never laughed so hard with anyone in my life
no more of his delicious scalloped potatoes
his depth with words and poetry
the way he'd surprised me with little bites tucked in plastic bags
how he made me feel so wanted all the time
how he appreciated what i did for him
snatching his bolster away
the teases from across the phone

I miss him so badly. I don't think I've ever felt so much loss before.


Bengster said...

Hmm... I hoped everything is fine.

lydia said...

i hope everything will be alright too, u r such a nice person.


Anonymous said...


hope everything is going ok for u girl... but just remember that life is not always smooth sailing, coz if it is (lets face it) it will b a tad dull. nething contact me ok? htere is the phone, there is the email....

My Life Journey (II) said...

I just broke up from a 12 yrs relationship 5 months ago. So, i know how bitter you are feeling right now. But I wanna advice you to stay strong, I believe you'll find someone better :)